Video Marketing Statistics & Why You Need Video Ads

Video and televised media have come a long way since TV’s rise to popularity in the 1950s. With the growth of the internet, YouTube, and social media, the amount of video content we consume on a daily basis outweighs much written or periodical content. Because most of the information we receive is now video, so have advertisements and promotional material made the switch over. However, many companies still don’t seem to understand the value of video marketing. 

Why is Video Marketing So Useful?

If it’s not obvious to you by now, using video marketing can have amazing benefits for reaching an audience. Some reasons include:

  • Convenience of sharing information
  • Ease of sharing across various media platforms
  • Proven to be more effective than written copy or print
  • Versatile content (can be used for any topic)
  • Ability to compile a lot of data and information into one short clip
  • More clearly express emotion, tone, and and overall message

What Defines Video Marketing?

Almost any video can be used for marketing purposes. The intent is to provide value to your audience and then offer them a solution or product. With enough practice, strategy, and quality content within your videos, you can become a leading voice for your niche and your area of expertise. 

Video marketing can be used in nearly any aspect of digital marketing. Whether it’s sprinkled throughout a sales funnel, embedded into a webpage, sent in an email newsletter, uploaded to Instagram, or beyond, you can use video for practically anything.

Many people might think video marketing means strictly YouTube ads. But this isn’t true– think of all the times you’ve seen a video advertisement come up on sites like Faceobok, blogs, and even mainstream news sites.

Video Marketing Statistics

It’s no surprise that with the use of video, marketers can get up to 70% higher rate of legitimate leads throughout the year in their marketing campaigns. In fact, leads aren’t the only thing that come with the perks of running video ads. Another thing that happens is an increase in audience growth. This means more people can see and remember you (or your company) from the videos you publish or the video ads you run. 

According to Wordstream, over 50% of professional marketers claim that video marketing is the best content for the highest expected ROI (return on investment). 

Over half of videos watched via the internet are watched on mobile devices. And about 25% of people in the United States watch online videos every single day!

Video media now accounts for almost 80% or content consumed on the internet today.

When it comes to business to business sales (B2B), the Content Marketing Institute reports that over 70% online marketers use video on a regular basis.

In the social media marketing route alone, 57% of marketers are known for using live video engagement to connect with other businesses or customers.

With all this hype on video marketing statistics and success, the fact is, you need to prioritize video marketing. No matter what your niche or industry is, your company can utilize video in a wide variety of ways. To do this, start coming up with a video marketing strategy today.

How Can Video Marketing Be Used?

There are many ways your content marketing strategies can implement video marketing for many people’s benefit. Additionally, there are a number of different types of video content you or your business can work with. Some types of video include:

  • Entertaining videos 
  • Video ads
  • Informational videos 
  • Vlogs (video blogs) in addition to written blogs
  • Lectures of presentations to teach a course
  • Live steam videos and recordings where you can interact with a live audience
  • Testimonial videos from past satisfied customers
  • Demonstration videos of products of services
  • Compelling or persuasive videos 
  • Niche-specific videos
  • and more

Should Video Marketing Be A Priority in Your Company?

If you haven’t come to the conclusion by now that video marketing is crucial for selling online, here are a few more reasons why you might want to reconsider your approach.

People will retain your message better.

It’s scientifically proven that people remember more through video (audio, visual, emotional, “human” dialogue) than through reading or hearing alone. The human brain is more likely to retain a larger amount of information from video than from written text alone.

Emotional connection. 

That being said, the reason so many people can relate more to movies, stories, and video is because humans are emotional beings. We want to feel what another person is saying to us. We receive info in more meaningful ways if we can sense, feel, and interpret what the mood, tone, and intent is of the person who is delivering a message. The same goes for the comparison of having a conversation via text message vs a live phone call.

Videos can help your SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) relies on several things. The main influences include time spent on a page, keywords, quality of content, and various types of content. In other words, not just one specific type of content throughout your site such as written blogs. Therefore videos on your website can improve all these factors. Having compelling videos on your page can engage site visitors much longer. Plus, crawlers ocross Google will register your website more valuable if there’s a good balance of text, graphics, video, and proper backlinks.

Including videos onto your site also allows for longer time spent on the web page. Most people prefer to watch videos rather than read. With shorter attention spans in the modern lives we chase after, it’s simply easier and more efficient to watch a video instead of read a long informational blog post. Getting info across needs to be instant and fulfilling. Therefore, providing a video allows the viewer of your site to take interest and view the video all the way through. More time watching the video equals more time spent on your site. This is great for SEO.

To give you a better perspective: A 5 minute video is equivalent to a 2,5000-word written article, which can entail about $250 worth of keyword coverage. Keywords in the video, title, caption, and page all boost your SEO ranking by more than you can imagine!

Maximize Marketing Dollars With Higher conversion rates.

Whenever there’s a video on a landing page, email campaign, or in place of a display ad, both the click-through rates and overall conversion rates prove to be higher. Online buyers admit to having many of their purchasing decisions over the internet to have been influenced by a video at one point. 

Greater social reach and shareability.

Most videos get shared across many social media platforms. In fact, video marketing statistics show that video shares receive up to 1000% more shares than images along. Why is this? Aside from the points we share above, compared to photographs, videos are less static and more intriguing overall. 

Challenges of Video Marketing

Obviously, it takes a lot of work to create video content in comparison to visual or text content. But that is kind of the point. Consumers these days want to see value– what can you offer them or their company? Most likely, the average ideal client will scroll past your boring image, blank display ad, or blog post.But if you have a semi-interesting video, you’re already ahead of the marketers in your field who don’t give video a chance. 

Furthermore, there are many video tools out there nowadays that are simple to use, versatile, and for the most part, affordable. We’ll go over some of these tools later in another article piggybacking this one. But the bottom line is that creative tools are constantly changing. FOr this reason, you would benefit more to get involved with video now instead of later, when you’re the only one not yet running video marketing.

How Can You Start Making A Video Marketing Plan?

If you’re totally new to using video online, don’t worry. Simply by understanding these video marketing statistics you can begin to map out a plan for using it as part of your marketing. Here are some of the bare basics you will need to get started.

What are your goals?

The larger goal is probably to grow a better community, and eventually obtain more sales. But before you get there, what is the upfront purpose you’d like to initiate? 

If you know anything about the sales funnel, you know the first step is to offer awareness. This sets up your audience to become aware of you– who you are, what you do, why your company is attractive and helpful. Next comes the consideration part of the funnel. This is where a potential buyer is either 1) researching a problem they want to fix or 2) becomes so aware of your offer that they begin to consider it as an option. After that, they go to make a decision. With this understanding, you can brainstorm a video for each step of the funnel process. 

What do you know?

You can always veer away from your goals if you want to create even more video content for any of your online platforms. Aside from making compelling videos for your sales funnel, you can offer bits of your knowledge, expertise, or insight surrounding certain “zones of genius” that people want to come to you for. 

Start making videos!

If you sit around and overthink how to make the perfect video, you will never get anything out there. Ask any video creative and they will tell you to expect your first one to be rather awful. Get it out of the way so you can begin improving your videos each and every time. Write down all your ideas as they come up when you make your video marketing plan. This can include fun, humorous, or opinionated videos, too. Any idea that gets you excited and relates to your area of expertise, write it down so it can become an actual piece of content one day. 

Use SEO tools for your topics.

Aside from publishing exciting content, you can use certain SEO tools to your advantage. As with any informative blog post you’d like to rank well, you can and should conduct topic research. This is when you spend some time researching what topics people are searching the internet for in comparison to how much content is already out there. You can read more about SEO practices here.

Video Ads

Even if you’re new to video marketing, you can still run video ads. Whether you make them yourself or hire a professional, you will be surprised at how well video ads do compared to only relying on PPC or visual display ads. You can run video ads on these sites:

  • Facebook and Instagram 
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Hulu

On almost all of these platforms you can gauge your ads based on specific demographics. If you are semi-familiar with ads you know you can target by age, location, interests, and more.

Need Help With Video Marketing?

We get it. Some people love the idea of video ads and making video content, but not everyone has the time, patience, or creative capacity to make it happen. If this is the case, you can really benefit from outsourcing who will make and run video ads for you. 

In the past, Owl SEM has helped several clients in the service industry boost their lead generation with the use of video. Video marketing statistics come to life when you start partnering with a marketing company who really wants to see you benefit! 

If you want to get into video marketing but don’t know where or how to begin, contact us today. See why we love the art and science of video marketing, and how using it in your smart marketing strategy can improve your business this year.

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