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The Sky is the Limit.

Owl SEM is built on the idea that every successful service business needs a CMO-level expert to coordinate their digital marketing strategy and implementation. We fuel your growth through performance based solutions that work with service based businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our data driven marketing strategies identify what message and marketing channels are generating the best ROI for your business, and which ones aren’t. While this strategy requires quite a bit of maintenance, it’s the only way to consistently dominate your market while continuously improving your bottom line year after year.

It’s the perfect union of science and art, a process that has been re-iterated and improved thousands of times since Owl SEM’s conception over 5 years ago.

Chris Johnson

Founder - Strategy - PPC

Chris has had a passion for computers and technology since his formative years. As a marketing major in college, he came to realize that most of what was being taught was severely outdated in the age of technology. These passions have blossomed into over 10 years in the digital marketing space, providing amazing results for over 20 clients in that time.

Lindsey Blackmore

Partner - Creative - SMM

Lindsey is a creative web designer & content writer. She has always been a multi-passionate artist who loves bringing ideas together to communicate with an audience. Her interests in social networking & design led her to pursue a digital niche where she could put her talents to practical use toward helping others, whether it be individuals, brands, or businesses.


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Guaranteed higher placement on major search engines, including detailed monthly ROI reports. Know your cost per lead down to the dollar and day.

Content Marketing

Maximize your organic traffic through an active online presence to keep your prospective customers engaged.


We generate custom, SEO and Conversion optimized content,  display it on our beautifully designed Websites, and all around the Internet.

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