What We Do

We get you the leads you need.

Best Keywords.
Top Placement.
High Conversion Rates.

Using cutting edge tracking techniques, we determine which lead sources are performing best for your business. You’ll be able to charge more for the jobs you want, and won’t have to think twice about turning down less profitable projects.

We Help Service-Based Businesses Scale Up By Optimizing Multi-Channel Paid Traffic

Traffic You Want

Not all traffic is created equal; we focus on driving people to your site who are looking are actively for the types of work you prefer.

Display / Retargeting Ads

Follow your prospects around on the internet after they land on your site, keeping your brand fresh in their mind until they’re ready to buy.

Competitive Pricing

Get all the benefits of an in-house marketing expert while spending a fraction of the cost.

Organic Optimization

The best kind of leads are FREE, and we’ve got a handful of tricks to ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity.

À La Carte

Not ready to go all in on a new marketing program? All of our services are available as you need them.

Website Conversions

We create websites and augment existing ones to maximize the probability of each click turning into a lead.


Have confidence investing in your new marketing program, because you’re not committed to continue paying us unless you get results!

Copywriting & Content

We dive deep into the mind of your potential customers to create irresistibly relevant messages.

Custom Reporting

Know exactly what each dollar you spend on marketing is returning for your business. We’ll have action items sent to you every week.

Full Service

We understand how all the pieces fit together in successful campaigns, leveraging our knowledge into amazing results for you.

OwlSEM Services

Our Recipe for Results

Discovery Stage

We dive deep to learn all about your business and target audience, to craft a message that conveys your business as a cut above the rest.

Goal Setting

We determine your revenue goals, client acquisition cost, and capacity for new business to define a market dominating strategy.​

Campaign Auditing

At this stage, we perform a thorough analysis of your current marketing efforts to identify what’s working well, and what we could help change.​

Create A Wildly Profitable Program

Establish new programs with all the pieces in place. We deploy your platform along with tracking technology to constantly improve upon.​

Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle. We create landing pages designed for every service and location that you’re advertising with us.

This ensures the best click to lead ratio, saving you money by generating more prospects within the same budget.

Owl SEM Workflow


We determine your goals, distilling them into actionables that shape our strategy in getting your campaigns started.


Taking the defined strategies and implementing them into systems, driving the appropriate amount targeted traffic to realize your goals.


Know exactly what each dollar you put in the machine is generating for your business. Most of our clients enjoy a 350% or better ROI!


We closely monitor campaign performance to create insights on how we’ll improve the campaigns, letting you watch as they evolve.

Ready, Set, Grow

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Ready, Set, Grow

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