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Our passion drives your company's growth.

We're Growth Centered & ROI Focused

Owl SEM is comprised of young, eager professionals who are passionate about pushing the needle for your business. Our mantra is that every good marketing program is a living, breathing thing that can always be better if it’s nurtured properly. We love seeing our clients succeed, and will go to any length to surpass set-goals and break records for your business.

owl sem philosophy

Think big.

With a properly executed marketing program, you’ll always have the flow of leads necessary to cherry pick the most profitable jobs, with the confidence to grow your team knowing you’ll always be able to keep them busy.



Our strategies guarantee the best possible placement in consideration of budget for the types of work you want, while helping avoiding the types you don’t.

We Help Service-Based Businesses Scale Up By Optimizing Multi-Channel Paid Traffic.

We charge a flat monthly fee that’s dependent on conversion volume, adpsend and profit margins.

We believe in commitment-free programs. If we’re not getting you results, then you shouldn’t have to keep paying. That said, we do require a 2 month agreement to allow time for setup in the first month before the leads start flowing in!

Owl SEM works primarily with Home Service-based businesses. Our mission is to help contractors who do great work connect with as many high-quality clients as possible.

We optimize your profiles, email lists and paid campaigns with targeted landing pages  linked to them to boost lead volume by 200% on average. With paid advertising, our clients enjoy a 300% or better ROI through intelligently designed campaigns.

We install special tracking codes onto your website and landing pages which attaches a name and number to every call / form submission you receive. All the details – from lead volume, to lead type, to cost per lead – are updated on a custom dashboard that’s always available to you. 

Transparency – value – results

Let's Grow Together

We help contractors scale up to 7 figures & beyond.

Seeing is believing, and our clients love us.


"our motto: transparency, value, results"

Chris Johnson


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