How We Maximize Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

A landing page is a controlled web page that allows you or your company to target a specific audience with the intention of generating leads. Landing pages can come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s often a general science to its creation when the goal is to attain a high conversion rate. At OwlSEM, every day we work with businesses that need landing pages and qualified leads. So, we thought it might be helpful to explain what we do and why we do it! Continue reading to learn how we help reach your target audience and what it takes to gain your ideal landing page conversion rate. 

Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Localize Your Services 

Target locally instead of nationally or globally. This is especially true if you wish to stand out from other competitors already in your market. If you can make your landing page reach specific cities near you, it will help differentiate you from other companies. 

At OwlSEM, we know first and foremost to set up any landing page (or PPC campaign) around the location. This is the first step and everything else, from keywords to copy, is researched around the location. 

Use Better Keywords

Landing pages have something called a Quality Score, which is when Google rates the written copy on your landing page and evaluates how they relate to relevant keywords. But simply, being smart about which keywords and phrases your landing page has can boost its conversion rate and bring in more leads. Another important thing to remember is to update the written content as time goes on. Every day, PPC keywords fluctuate. Stay up to date. Don’t leave your landing page in the dust. 

Our team extensively researches proper keywords, then goes above and beyond to target the best ones. With the working knowledge that keywords can change, consistency is key. Updated keywords, as well as negative keywords, are updated on a regular basis for the smooth sailing of your campaign. 

Upgrade Visitor Experience

People who visit a web page might want and expect various forms of content. Whether it be written information, video, social media, stunning visuals, or structured step-by-step graphics, spice things up to engage visitors. This is when the target audience is important, as you’ll want to step into their shoes and navigate the landing page as if you were looking for your service. Would your landing page be an instant “I WANT THIS!”? Or would it be just another click-baity tactic you would instantly exit out of once a few-second skim? 

The OwlSEM team is right on the cusp of the millennial generation. We’re also extremely nerdy when it comes to all things tech, social media, and marketing. That being said, it’s not only easy for us to make an outstanding landing page that captivates its viewers– it actually excites us. 

Call to Action!

If you know anything about landing pages, you know about the CTA. The entire page revolves around this single thing– the Call to Action. There needs to be more than one, too! Relevancy is also crucial. What is the CTA button asking of the user, and after which piece of content? For example, after a list of your service benefits, put a “Call Now” link so the potential customer can inquire about buying the service. Alternatively, after a testimonial video, place a Booking button as the attention of the audience will be captured and he/she is most likely ready to buy after getting through a three-minute video!

OwlSEM forms a good CTA balance throughout the landing page. Because we’re working behind-the-scenes on your PPC campaign, too, we know which keywords impact the audience’s buyers’ journey most. 

Split Test Various Versions of Landing Pages

Make two unique, separate pages and A/B test each one to see which gets a higher landing page conversion rate. Also, formulate different Call to Actions throughout. One version might do far better than the other!

We love making landing pages at Owl SEM, and this is the reason many of our clients come to us– seeking to convert better via their internet presence. It’s natural law that some things work better than others with a little bit of trying something new. This is why we understand the importance of practicing A/B testing.

Track the Sales

Depending on what your landing page is generating, make sure to track the proper hidden fields. Are you generating leads, conversions, location-based sales, etc.? Hidden tracking can bring a greater awareness of where your ROI lands.

With Owl SEM, everything is tracked and we study the data that comes from your landing page. Tracking is the main lifeblood behind getting a better landing page conversion rate– other than actually hitting more sales, of course.

Want to learn more? Check out our package offers and schedule your free strategy call with us today.

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